Amor, Gemma


Dear Laura (Independently Published), First Novel, 2019

BIO: Gemma Amor is an author, podcaster and illustrator from Bristol, in the UK. Her debut collection of short stories, Cruel Works of Nature, was published in 2018. She is also the author of Dear Laura, Till the Score is Paid, and the soon to be released White Pines

Gemma also writes for podcasts like the wildly popular, award-winning, multi-million download horror anthology show The NoSleep Podcast. Her scripts ‘The Train’ and ‘The Funeral’ were performed live on stage as part of the NoSleep Live European tour, which culminated in a sell-out show at the renowned Rival theatre in Stockholm.

Additionally, she is the co-creator, writer and voice actor for the horror-comedy audio drama podcast Calling Darkness, which stars TV and film actress Kate Siegel. She also writes and voice acts for Shadows at the Door, and has had stories featured on Creepy and The Grey Rooms podcasts.

Gemma’s influences range from Carter to King, Shakespeare to Shelley, and she has a particular love of misunderstood monsters and women with an axe to grind.