Woo, Amelia


Mary Shelley Presents (Kymera Press), Graphic Novel, 2020

BIO: Amelia Pessoa (Amelia Woo) is a N.Y. Times Best Seller… back in 2009, ha! For fifteen years, she’s been working for publishers like Marvel, Dynamite, Dark Horse, Radical Comics, and many others, but mostly focusing on independent publishers, like Kymera Press and Trepidation Comics. As for her extra skills, she’s a veteran 3D modeler and hobbyist programmer making indie games. As for education, she has a bachelor degree in Arts (Art History and Theory, digital artist), at Universidade de Brasília. 

Credit List:

One shots to Yaoi Press
Cover to Who Wants to Be a Super Hero, Dark Horse
The New Avengers, Marvel Comics
Covers to Echoes of Dawn, Trepidation Comics
Covers to CONTAGION, Trepidation Comics
Covers to Abe Aborted Fetus, Trepidation Comics
Bible 2, Pencil and Colors, Trepidation Comics
Days of Darkness, Graphic Novel, Imminent Studios
Freedom Formula, Layouts, Radical Comics.
Mercy Thompson series, pencil and colors, Dynamite Entertainment.
Dead Reckoning Covers, Trepidation Comics.
Urban Musical, MN Fats Album cover (2012).
Gates of Midnight series, Pencil, Kymera Press.
Mary Shelley Presents series, Pencil, Kymera Press
Sioux Falls series, Pencil and Colors, Trepidation Comics/Source Point Press