King, Stephen


Doctor Sleep (Scribner), Novel, 2013

“Herman Wouk Is Still Alive” (The Atlantic Magazine, May 2011), Short Fiction, 2011

Full Dark, No Stars, Fiction Collection, 2010

Duma Key, Novel, 2008

Just After Sunset, Fiction Collection, 2008

Lisey’s Story, Novel, 2006

Lifetime Achievement Award, 2002

On Writing, Non-fiction, 2000

Bag of Bones, Novel, 1998

The Green Mile, Novel, 1996

“Lunch at the Gotham Cafe”, Long Fiction, 1995

Four Past Midnight, Fiction Collection, 1990

Misery, Novel, 1987


Sleeping Beauties (Scribner), Novel, 2017

“The Things They Left Behind”, Long Fiction, 2005

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower, Novel, 2004

“Lisey and the Madman”, Long Fiction, 2004

The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla, Novel, 2003

“Harvey’s Dream”, Short Fiction, 2003

From a Buick 8, Novel, 2002

Everything’s Eventual, Fiction Collection, 2002

Black House, Novel, 2001

Riding the Bullet, Long Fiction, 2000

Low Men in Yellow Coats, Novel, 1999

Hearts in Atlantis, Fiction Collection, 1999

“Autopsy Room Four”, Short Fiction, 1998

“Everything’s Eventual”, Long Fiction, 1997

Insomnia, Novel, 1994

Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Fiction Collection, 1993

Needful Things, Novel, 1991

Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands, Novel, 1991

“The Langoliers”, Long Fiction, 1990

“The Night Flier”, Long Fiction, 1988