Landry, Jess


“Mutter” (Fantastic Tales of Terror) (Crystal Lake Publishing), Short Fiction, 2018

2018 Silver Hammer Award


There is No Death, There are No Dead (Crystal Lake Publishing), Anthology, 2021

“I Will Find You, Even in the Dark” (Dim Shores Presents Volume 1, Dim Shores), Long Fiction, 2020

“Bury Me in Tar and Twine” (Tales of the Lost Volume 1: We All Lose Something!) (Things in the Well Publishing), Short Fiction, 2019

BIO: From the day she was born, Jess Landry has always been attracted to the darker things in life. Her fondest childhood memories included getting nightmares from the Goosebumps books, watching The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, and reiterating to her parents that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her mental state.

Since then, Jess’s fiction has appeared in many anthologies, including Twice-Told: A Collection of Doubles, Monsters of Any Kind, Where Nightmares Come From, Lost Highways: Dark Fictions from the Road, and Fantastic Tales of Terror (which features her Bram Stoker Award-nominated short story, “Mutter”), among others.

You can visit her on the interwebs at, though your best bet at finding her is on Facebook (, where she often posts cat gifs and references Jurassic Park way too much.