Specialty Press Award

THE HWA SPECIALTY PRESS AWARD is presented periodically to a specialty publisher whose work has substantially contributed to the horror genre, whose publications display general excellence, and whose dealings with writers have been fair and exemplary.

The award was instituted in 1997, largely due to the efforts of long-time HWA member and specialty press aficionado Peter Crowther.

About the Award

  • WHO MAY RECEIVE THE AWARD? To be eligible for this award, a publisher must specialize in horror, dark fantasy, and occult literature. This needn’t be the publisher’s only specialty, but it must be a substantial one. In addition, works of horror, dark fantasy, or occult literature must have been published by the press during the year prior to the award’s presentation.
  • HOW ARE RECIPIENTS CHOSEN? The HWA Specialty Press Award is a “Trustees’ Award.” The winner is decided by a majority vote of HWA’s Board of Trustees.
  • HOW OFTEN IS THE AWARD GIVEN? The award is given only during years when the Trustees feel an exemplary candidate is clearly visible and deserves recognition for its contributions.

Past Recipients

The following publishers have received the HWA Specialty Press Award:

2020 – Crystal Lake Publishing, Joe Mynhardt
2019 – SST Publications, Paul Fry
2018 – Raw Dog Screaming Press, Jennifer Barnes and John Edward Lawson
2017 – Eraserhead Press, Rose O’Keefe; and Independent Legions Press, Alessandro Manzetti
2016 – Omnium Gatherum, Kate Jonez
2015 – Borderlands Press, Thomas and Elizabeth Monteleone
2014 – ChiZine Publications, Brett Savory and Sandra Kasturi
2013 – Gray Friar Press, Gary Fry
2012 – Centipede Press, Jerad Walters
2011 – Bad Moon Books, Roy Robbins, and Hippocampus Press, Derrick Hussey
2010 – Dark Regions Press, Joe Morey
2009 – Tartarus Press, R. B. Russell & Rosalie Parker
2008 – Bloodletting Press, Larry Roberts
2006 – PS Publishing, Peter Crowther
2005 – Necessary Evil Press, Don Koish
2004 – Delirium Books, Shane Ryan Staley
2003 – Earthling Publications, Paul Miller
2002 – Night Shade Books, Jason Williams & Jeremy Lassen
2000 – Subterranean Press, William K. Schafer
1999 – Ash-Tree Press, Christopher & Barbara Roden
1998 – Gauntlet Publications, Barry Hoffman
1997 – Cemetery Dance, Richard Chizmar