Fun Facts

The below facts were compiled in 2018:

  • The top number of nominations by any one author: Stephen King, with 32 total nominations.
  • The top number of wins by any one author: Stephen King, with 12 total wins.
  • The top number of losses by any one author: Stephen King, with 20 total losses.
  • No author has won in more than six categories, but three authors have achieved that: Harlan Ellison, Stephen King, and Thomas F. Monteleone.
  • The top number of award categories an author has been nominated in: 8. Four authors have been nominated in 8 categories: Christopher Golden, Joe R. LansdaleLisa Morton, and Tom Piccirilli.
  • The awards are presented in a different city each year, but they’ve been presented most often in New York. (Click here to see a list of where the presentations have taken place.)
  • When Christina Sng became the first Singaporean to receive a Bram Stoker Award (the 2017 Poetry Collection award for A Collection of Nightmares), she was lauded in Singapore’s biggest newspaper The Strait Times!
  • “Bram Stoker Award Winners” was a category on the February 16, 2015 edition of the game show Jeopardy. The clues were:
    • $400 – Novel, 1988: This Thomas Harris thriller that made readers bleat
    • $800 – 2003, Lifetime Achievement: This woman who taught us a lot about vampires
    • $1200 – 2012, Graphic Novel: These “Hunts”: “A Graphic History of the Burning Times”
    • $1600 (“Daily Double”)- 2012, Screenplay: “The Cabin in the Woods” by Drew Goddard & this “Buffy” biggie
    • $2000 – Novel, 1995: “Zombie” by this prolific woman
  • The awards were represented again on Jeopardy on the September 19, 2018 episode, when this clue appeared in an “Awards & Honors” category:

Photo courtesy of Rena Mason

Would you like to make your own “Fun Facts” about the Bram Stoker Awards? Then click here to download a spreadsheet of all the nominees and winners, broken down by category.