Cardoselli, Stefano


The Inhabitant of the Lake (Independent Legions Publishing), Graphic Novel, 2021


Kraken Inferno: The Last Hunt (Independent Legions Publishing), Graphic Novel, 2022

Her Life Matters: (Or Brooklyn Frankenstein) (Independent Legions Publishing), Graphic Novel, 2020

BIO: Stefano Cardoselli. Artist, Illustrator and scriptwriter. He has collaborated with the magazines Heavy Metal and 2000 A.D. His works have been published by Simon & Schuster, Caliber Comics, Scout Comics, Independent Legions, Cut Up Publishing and many others. Among his graphic novels in English: ‘Her Life Matters’ (with Alessandro Manzetti), ‘Calcutta Horror’ (with Alessandro Manzetti), ‘Planet Caravan’, ‘Sunshine Doom’, ‘Live Died Reloaded’. Among his graphic novels in Italian: ‘L’Orrore a Red Hook’ (with Alessandro Manzetti), ‘Herbert West Rianimatore’, ‘Kraken Inferno’ and the art book ‘Tarantino’. He lives in Orbetello (Italy)