Simon, Marge


Lifetime Achievement Award, 2020

Four Elements (Bad Moon Books/Evil Jester Press), Poetry Collection, 2013

Vampires, Zombies & Wanton Souls (Elektrik Milk Bath Press), 2012

VECTORS: A Week in the Death of a Planet, Poetry Collection, 2007


Sifting the Ashes (Crystal Lake Publishing), Poetry Collection, 2022

Victims (Weasel Press), Poetry Collection, 2021

The Demeter Diaries (Independent Legions Publishing), Poetry Collection, 2019

War (Crystal Lake Publishing), Poetry Collection, 2018

Satan’s Sweethearts (Weasel Press), Poetry Collection, 2017

Small Spirits (Midnight Town Media), Poetry Collection, 2016

Naughty Ladies (Eldritch Press), Poetry Collection, 2015

Sweet Poison (Dark Renaissance Books), Poetry Collection, 2014

Dangerous Dreams (Elektrik Milk Bath Press), Poetry Collection, 2013

The Mad Hattery, Poetry Collection, 2011

Unearthly Delights, Poetry Collection, 2011

Artist of Antithesis, Poetry Collection, 2003

Night Smoke, Poetry Collection, 2002

BIO: Marge Simon lives in Ocala, Florida, with her husband, poet/writer Bruce Boston and the ghosts of two cats. She has won Multiple Bram Stoker Awards, Rhysling Awards, the Elgin, Dwarf Stars and Strange Horizons Readers’ Award. She received HWA’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021. Marge’s poems and stories have appeared in Asimov’s, Magazine of F&SF, New Myths, Daily Science Fiction. Her stories also appear in anthologies such as Under Her Skin, Shadow Atlas, What Remains, and Sifting the Ashes, to name a few. She attends the ICFA annually as a guest poet/writer and is a founding member of the Speculative Literary Foundation. Website: