Wilson, David Niall


The Gentle Brush of Wings”, Short Fiction, 2007

The Gossamer Eye, Poetry Collection, 2002


Defining Moments, Fiction Collection, 2007

Storytellers Unplugged, Non-fiction, 2007

Roll Them Bones, Long Fiction, 2003


BIO: David Niall Wilson has been writing and publishing horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction since the mid-eighties.  A former president of the Horror Writer’s Association and multiple recipient of the Bram Stoker Award, his novels include Gideon’s Curse, Remember Bowling Green – the Adventures of Frederick Douglass – Time Traveler, Maelstrom, The Mote in Andrea’s Eye, Deep Blue, the Grails Covenant Trilogy, Star Trek Voyager: Chrysalis, Except You Go Through Shadow, This is My Blood, Ancient Eyes, On the Third Day, The Orffyreus Wheel, Vintage Soul, My Soul to Keep & Others, Kali’s Tale, Heart of a Dragon, The Second Veil, The Parting, Nevermore – A Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe , Killer Green & Crockatiel – the newest novel in the new series O.C.L.T. David has also co-authored the Stargate Atlantis novel Brimstone, with Patricia Lee Macomber, and Hallowed Ground – written with International best-selling author Steven Savile. He has over 150 short stories published in anthologies, magazines, and five collections.  His work has appeared in and is due out in various anthologies and magazines, including the recent anthology 2113 – stories based on the music of Rush, edited by Kevin J. Anderson.

David lives and loves with Patricia Lee Macomber in Hertford, NC with their daughter Katie, and occasionally their genius college daughter Stephanie, son Will (and his wife Lana – and son Kaden) two sons serving in the USN, ach, and Zane, their ridiculous Pekingese Gizmo, their not-so-vicious cat, Sid, a never-to-become-a-coat chinchilla named Pook Daddy, Bellatrix LeStrange (the cutest cat in the world) and her long-haired glaring grandma, Boots, Stormageddon – Lord of Awwww (another cat) and Sir Thomas, a giant Maine Coon cat who has come to roost. There is also a three legged turtle named McSnurtle, and a canary named Fawkes. David is CEO and founder of Crossroad Press, a cutting edge digital publishing company specializing in electronic novels, collections, and non-fiction, as well as unabridged audiobooks.


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