Jones, Stephen Graham


My Heart is a Chainsaw (Gallery/Saga Press), Novel, 2021

The Only Good Indians (Gallery/Saga Press), Novel, 2020

Night of the Mannequins (, Long Fiction, 2020

Mapping the Interior (, Long Fiction, 2017


Don’t Fear the Reaper (Simon & Schuster/Saga Press/Titan), Novel, 2023

Mongrels (William Morrow), Novel, 2016

After the People Lights Have Gone Off (Dark House Press), Fiction Collection, 2014

The Ones That Got Away, Fiction Collection, 2010

BIO: Stephen Graham Jones is the NYT bestselling author of some thirty novels and collections, and there’s some novellas and comic books in there as well. Most recent are Don’t Fear the Reaper and the ongoing Earthdivers. Up before too long are The Angel of Indian Lake, I Was a Teenage Slasher, and True Believers. Stephen lives and teaches in Boulder, Colorado.