Rugna, Demián


When Evil Lurks (Machaco Films, Aramos Cine, Shudder), Screenplay, 2023

BIO: Writer and director specialized in Fantastic & Horror films. His film When Evil Lurks, chosen as the best horror film of 2023, was the first Latin American film to win the Sitges festival.

He was born on September 13, 1979 in Haedo, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. At eight years of age, he begins to create his own comic books recreating his favorite movies. This leads him, several years later, to study comic drawings with Horacio Lalia, from whom he learns to visually capture his stories. In 2003, he received his “audiovisual design” at the University of Morón.

In 2005, and after making numerous short films within the horror genre, he wrote the original screenplay for the movie “Death Know Your Name”. In 2007 he directed his first feature film, based on one of his homonymous short films “The Last Gateway“, chosen one of the 10 best horror films of 2007 by the site In 2008 he wrote the original script of “They Want my Eyes.” His second film as a director was “Malditos Sean!“, Co-written and co-directed with Fabián Forte; It was released commercially in national halls in the year 2013.

Then there will be a series of short films including “El Mate Amargo” winner of several awards and chosen one of the 3 best short films of the year at the INCAA Short Film Night.His third feature film: You do not know who you’re talking is a black comedy that parodies fantastic movies. In 2017 he released his fourth film: Terrified, based on one of his first short films called “Tiene Miedo”.

In 2019, he showed the remake of his own movie “Terrified” under the production of Guillermo Del Toro for Searchlinght pictures, a project that had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

In 2022 Rugna participates in the “Satanic Hispanics” project, an anthology of horror stories by various Latin American directors, with his story called “I also saw it” and he shot shoots his 5th feature film entitled “When Evil Lurks”   which he won best movie in Sitges film festival and it was elected as the best horror movie of 2023 by rotten tomatoes site)