Cabeen, Robert Payne


Cold Cuts (Omnium Gatherum Media), First Novel, 2017


Fearworms: Selected Poems (Fanboy Comics), Poetry Collection, 2014

BIO: Robert Payne Cabeen is a screenwriter, artist, purveyor of narrative horror poetry, and now a novelist, with his Bram Stoker Award winning debut Cold Cuts, from Omnium Gatherum. His screenwriting credits include Heavy Metal 2000, for Columbia TriStar, Sony Pictures, A Monkey’s Tale, and Walking with Buddha. Cabeen’s illustrated book, FEARWORMS: Selected Poems, was a 2015 Bram Stoker Award nominee.

As creative director for Streamline Pictures, Robert helped anime pioneer Carl Macek bring Japanese animated features, like Akira and dozens of other classics, to a western audience.

Cabeen received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Otis Art Institute, with a dual major in painting and design. Since then, he has combined his interests in the visual arts with screenwriting and storytelling for a broad range of entertainment companies including Warner Brothers, Columbia/TriStar, Disney, Sony, Universal, USA Network, Nelvana, and SEGA.

Robert is a city of Lost Angels native. He resides in the Miracle Mile with his wife Cecile Grimm. Together, they spawned three offspring–all smarter, better looking and more talented than he is–but certainly not as scary.

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Robert Cabeen at the 2018 Bram Stoker Awards presentation