Navarro, Yvonne


The Willow Files 2, Works for Young Readers, 2001


“Feeding the Dead Inside”, Short Fiction, 2006

“Times of Atonement”, Short Fiction, 2005

Deadrush, Novel, 1995

Afterage, First Novel, 1993

BIO: Yvonne is the author of twenty-three published novels and a bunch of short stories, articles and a reference dictionary. Her most recent published book is Supernatural: The Usual Sacrifices (based in the Supernatural Universe). Her writing has won a bunch of awards and stuff. Lately she’s been really getting into painting and artwork. She lives way down in the southeastern corner of Arizona, about twenty miles from the Mexican border, and is married to author Weston Ochse. They dote on their rescued Great Danes, Ghoulie, The Grimmy Beast, and I Am Groot and a talking, people-loving parakeet named BirdZilla.  Instead of a To Do list, she has an I Want To Do list. It has about 4,274 projects on it and won’t stop growing.