Braunbeck, Gary A.

Awards: “The Great Pity” (Chiral Mad 2, Written Backwards), Long Fiction, 2013 To Each Their Darkness, Non-fiction, 2010 Afterward, There Will Be a Hallway, Long Fiction, 2007 Five Strokes to Midnight, Anthology, 2007 Destinations Unknown, Fiction Collection, 2006 “We Now Pause for Station Identification”, Short Fiction, 2005 “Duty”, Short Fiction, 2003 Nomination: “Paper Cuts” (Seize the Night) (Gallery Books), Long […]

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Bradbury, Ray

Awards: One More for the Road, Fiction Collection, 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award, 1988 Nominations: From the Dust Returned, Novel, 2001 “The Thing at the Top of the Stairs”, Short Fiction, 1988 The Toynbee Convector, Fiction Collection, 1988

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Boston, Bruce

Awards: Dark Matters, Poetry Collection, 2010 The Nightmare Collection, Poetry Collection, 2008 Shades Fantastic, Poetry Collection, 2006 Pitchblende, Poetry Collection, 2003 Nominations: Artifacts (Independent Legions Publishing), Poetry Collection, 2018 Visions of the Mutant Rain Forest (Crystal Lake Publishing), Poetry Collection, 2017 Sacrificial Nights (KippleOfficinaLibraria), Poetry Collection, 2016 Resonance Dark and Light (Eldritch Press), Poetry Collection, 2015 Dark Roads: Selected Long […]

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