Bodner, Hal

Nominations: “A Rift in Reflection” (Chiral Mad 3) (Written Backwards), Short Fiction, 2016 “Hot Tub” (Hell Comes to Hollywood II: Twenty-Two More Tales of Tinseltown Terror (Volume 2)) (Big Time Books), Short Fiction, 2014

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Bloom, Clive

Nominations: Gothic Horror: A Reader’s Guide from Poe to King and Beyond, Non-fiction, 1998

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Bloch, Robert

Awards: “The Scent of Vinegar”, Long Fiction, 1994 The Early Fears, Fiction Collection, 1994 Once Around the Bloch, Non-fiction, 1993 Lifetime Achievement Award, 1989 Nominations: Robert Bloch’s Psychos, Anthology, 1998 Midnight Pleasures, Fiction Collection, 1987

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